The Future of Data Exchange between Logistics Stakeholders – 10 Years of IPCSA


Ensuring effective and practical solutions to Logistics Supply Chains and Trade Facilitation Ambitions

Tuesday, June 15th 2021 – 2:00 PM (CEST)

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Data Exchange between stakeholders in the supply chain has expanded exponentially during the COVID-19 pandemic, as it becomes a “must” as opposed to a “wish”.  Port Community Systems, Cargo Community Systems and Single Windows have successfully been exchanging information for many years.

This webinar will consider what the future of these electronic exchange platforms may be and how they form the basis of trust within the supply chain to allow for the efficient, optimised and electronic exchange of data between all stakeholders.

In this webinar, experts will discuss:

  • Understanding where Port Community Systems, Cargo Community Systems and Single Window operators are today and what the future looks like.
  • The current and future technologies of building future data exchanges and the requirements of end users
  • International standards and the continuing importance of them in ensuring interoperability and harmonisation in the supply chain

This presentation will also celebrate the 10-year anniversary of IPCSA, what IPCSA has achieved over those 10 years and what it will achieve in the future.

Since being launched on 15th June 2011, IPCSA now has almost 50 members from across the globe.

The pandemic has certainly not held back IPCSA – rather the reverse. In the past year, IPCSA has launched its Network of Trusted Networks (NoTN) a secure port-to-port and cross-border data exchange solution to provide predictability, visibility and certainty within the supply chain, and developed and piloted a Blockchain Bill of Lading.

The association was also one of the leading signatories to the IMO’s ‘Call to Action’ to accelerate the pace of digitalisation to cope with a post COVID-19 new normal.

  • Hans Rook, Chairman @ IPCSA
  • Richard Morton, Secretary General @ IPCSA
  • Javier Gallardo,CEO @ Portic Barcelona
  • Youssef Ahouzi, Interim CEO @ Portnet, Morocco
  • Amar More, CEO @ Kale Logistics
  • Uwe Liebschner, Customs Expert @ dbh Logistics IT AG