IPCSA Initiative – Principles

IPCSA Initiatives

IPCSA develops, with its members, initiatives in order to support trade facilitation and greater transparency in the supply chain.

In all of IPCSA activities the overriding principle is, as our Mission states:

“To act in the common interest of IPCSA members to influence public policy at the international level, in order to promote the electronic exchange of information to enable seamless and efficient trade logistics processes. This will be achieved through lobbying, practical initiatives and projects, as well as engagement with the global, regional and national logistics communities and relevant public bodies.”

For more information on the IPCSA initiatives outlined here, please contact Inga Morton, General Manager, IPCSA.


The current IPCSA initiatives are:

Emerging Technologies

Blockchain Bill of Lading

Logistics Visibility Task Force

Network of Trusted Networks

PCS for Small and Medium Sized Ports

PCS and SW Development and Support