Smart Ports 4.0 Summit

The Smart Ports 4.0 Summit aims to bring the traditional ports and maritime sector towards the digital future by embracing, adopting and deploying already matured as well as new, developing technologies with human capital and corporate identity.

It will provide a platform for senior industry representatives, allowing participants to get a deep understanding of the upcoming technology transformations, critical infrastructure security goals, automation and autonomous trends, most recent global activities and trade dynamics and their impact on daily operations, and the industry as a whole. By an in-depth analysis of the maritime regulations and upcoming cybersecurity directives as well as the technologies already matured and those still in progress, the conference will bring the industry learnings into the 21st century.

Case studies, panel discussions, and sessions purely based on the industry research, aim to combine and comprehend the already existing knowledge with the industry`s vision towards the future.


Join the Smart Ports 4.0 Summit for a two-day strategic discussion on the future of the maritime industry. Sessions on policy developments, real-time examples of technologies already in use and those in research, as well as panel discussions with key industry representatives will provide a holistic pathway towards new ports reality post-2020.

The event will attract a solid and diverse mix of senior industry stakeholders from across Europe and further afield, all to offer a fantastic opportunity to share ideas on the strategy towards a sustainable future of the terminals’ digital business.

Unparalleled sponsorship and exhibition opportunities where digital technology providers, cybersecurity technologies and solution providers, software developers, equipment/devises providers, IT and software consulting companies, law firms, and investors, can present their products and solutions while connecting with key players within the maritime arena.


  • Mandatories, processes, and procedures regulating daily activities of the ports
  • Ports’ physical and virtual infrastructure
  • Harmonised digital ecosystem across the maritime supply chain
  • Key technology advancements already in place
  • Key emerging trends and advancements: blockchain and 5G technologies
  • Evolution of ports into fully integrated innovation hubs
  • Most recent updates in global digitalisation trends and technologies
  • Fully autonomous ports of the future

The Smart Ports 4.0 Summit will be delivered through an advanced networking tool.


IPCSA is a support partner for this event and IPCSA members get a 10% discount – please contact the IPCSA Secretary General for further information on how to receive this discount.