International Port Community Systems Association: Expanding the team for a new decade

The International Port Community Systems Association (IPCSA) celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2021. It’s an achievement to be proud of but, at the same time, a ‘milestone’ should be seen as just that – a marker on the road as the journey continues.

As IPCSA embarks on its second decade, we will be building on the successes, initiatives, reputation and relationships we have achieved over the past ten years. We will continue to represent and work in the common interest of our members – to promote, support, encourage and advise on the electronic exchange of information that enables the seamless and efficient flow of cargo, trade and logistics processes. Our membership, meanwhile, continues to grow in numbers and geographical spread.

With all of this in mind, we are delighted to be bringing in additional expert support for IPCSA Chairman Hans Rook and Secretary General Richard Morton.

Mees van der Wiel of Portbase, Rotterdam, will be providing support to drive forward the IPCSA PROTECT group and assist ports in the journey towards standardisation. In this, he will be building on the PROTECT Message Guide, including the IFTDGN, BERMAN and WASDIS messages that have been widely used across Europe since they were developed.

EU and international law specialist Inga Mortona has been appointed General Manager. In this role, she will provide administrative support and expertise relating to policy matters. She brings to IPCSA extensive knowledge and experience across legislative, finance, data protection, competition law and strategic planning issues, having worked at a high level in both governmental and commercial sectors, including at the Freeport of Riga. Inga is based in Riga, Latvia.

These appointments also expand IPCSA’s language capabilities, which will enable increased outreach to members across more countries.

“We are delighted to welcome Inga and Mees to the IPCSA executive and look forward to many more developments and achievements with their support and expert input,” said Hans Rook, IPCSA Chairman.

The IPCSA Global Study is well underway, with Richard Morton focusing on driving this forward with the team and IPCSA members.

Richard Morton, Secretary General, will be undergoing chemotherapy over the coming months but is not stepping back from his dedication to IPCSA; he will still be very much available and, with the expanded team, will be driving forward IPCSA, its activities and its work together with members, partners and stakeholders around the world.

Richard emphasised that he sees this as “just another adventure and challenge”. He said: “Even during this time, IPCSA members are inspiring me with their support and positivity. I see the coming months as a challenge and adventure in terms of moving forward and remaining positive and enthusiastic in everything I do.”

Hans said: “Richard’s positive outlook, enthusiasm and drive continues and is even stronger while he undergoes his medical treatment – it is ‘almost as usual’.”

Richard added: “From my point of view, the next few months may be a ‘slight intermission’. This has given us the opportunity to consider the future direction of IPCSA. We have recognised that as IPCSA continues to grow and develop, we need additional capacity to support our work. We are excited about the new steps for IPCSA and look forward to working closely with our members, with global, regional and national logistics communities, and with public bodies and policymakers at all levels, to advance and expand the implementation of Port Community Systems, Cargo Community Systems and Single Windows around the world.”

IPCSA Capacity Increase – Press Release 

For more information on IPCSA please contact:

Hans Rook, Chairman

Inga Mortona, General Manager

Mees van der Wiel, PROTECT