IPCSA Launches Global PCS Study

A ground-breaking global study that will support the development of Port Community Systems around the world has been launched by the International Port Community Systems Association (IPCSA).

The study will focus on the practical development of Port Community Systems (PCS), the neutral electronic exchange platforms which enable the smooth, swift and accurate flow of information crucial to efficient ports and the wider supply chain.

Building on previous work by IPCSA, including the association’s 12-point guide to building a PCS, the study will cover specific elements of PCS development, including governance, business models, technology, standards, cybersecurity, Customs, and community and stakeholder involvement. It will also be accompanied by use cases from around the world.

“The time is right for this in-depth study,” said Richard Morton, secretary general of IPCSA. “A notable impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been wider recognition that Port Community Systems are a vital trade facilitation tool in ports – and yet there is still a lack of understanding about how the PCS operates and what it does and doesn’t do.

“In particular, technology and IT are just the enablers. The creation and successful implementation of a Port Community System is a change management project far more than an IT project. Time needs to be taken to build the community and establish trust.”

IPCSA has secured the help of Tarragona-based PCS specialist Anna Navarro in the collating and compiling of this important study, and the focus will be on creating a ‘living’ document offering relevant and practical support, rather than something to be filed away and forgotten.

“This valuable study will provide a baseline standard for PCS development around the world,” said IPCSA chairman Hans Rook. “We have all seen studies that become outdated in a short time but our approach will be to create a modular study which allows use cases and other elements to be updated simply and on a regular basis.

“We are determined to ensure that the latest information is available. The study will be carried out using the experience and knowledge of IPCSA members, who are based around the globe and range from the first PCSs in the world through to up-and-coming PCS and Single Window operators. In alignment with this, we are looking to develop a similar project covering Cargo Community Systems (CCS) in airports.”

IPCSA would welcome the input and insight of ports, PCS operators and others in this study, said Richard Morton. “If you are a port or PCS operator and would like to contribute, we would be pleased to hear from you.”

Download full IPCSA Press Release – laucnh of Global PCS Study

For more information and to support in the development of the study, or to enquire about how to become and IPCSA member please contact:

 Contact:       Richard Morton, Secretary General

Tel:               0044 7796334960

Website:       www.ipcsa.international

IPCSA Global PCS Study Contact:

Anna Navarro – anna.navarro@ipcsa.international