10 years of collaborating with the Global Community

IPCSA Founding Members reflect on a decade of achievements – and consider plans and priorities for the future

Foreword: Hans Rook, chairman, IPCSA

C’est le ton qui fait la musique: this centuries-old proverb reminds us to pay attention to the way in which we act in society. It isn’t only what we say that’s important – but the way in which we say it!

Many people would argue that good manners are essential if we want to demonstrate our respect for other people and make a good impression on everyone that we meet. As IPCSA, we strive for a consistently respectful approach in our relationships and work with intergovernmental and international organisations. We believe that respect translates into mutual trust and cooperation – and, finally, to creating solutions with broad support.

We receive that same trust and support from our members – of course that gives me a sense of satisfaction, but it also provides the drive to cover their interests to the maximum possible.

We have demonstrated that a decade is a long time in the world of Port Community Systems! As EPCSA evolved into IPCSA, and our membership grew in numbers and geographical spread, so we witnessed a steady and very real change – from a lack of recognition of Port Community Systems to an awareness and understanding at international level. In parallel, IPCSA has expanded to welcome members representing Air/Cargo Community Systems and Single Windows, as well as Port Community Systems and Port Authorities.

The positive, constructive and thoughtful comments that follow from our founding members provide us with the support and impetus to keep up the great work!

Hans Rook, Chairman, IPCSA