IPCSA Membership


IPCSA membership is open to:

  • Air and Sea Port Community System Operators
  • Air and Sea Port Authorities
  • Single Window Operators
  • International or Regional Organisations and Associations

The benefits of IPCSA membership:

Formed to represent the interests of Community Systems across the world, IPCSA plays an important role in explaining and promoting the value of the electronic exchange of information within the logistics chain – in all modes and hubs of transport, including air, sea, inland waterways and rail.

The development of the Single Window concept to facilitate trade is being driven by the World Trade Organization’s Trade Facilitation Agreement, which came into force on 22 February 2017. By bringing together operational and administrative processes, Community Systems are critical in the success of Single Window.

IPCSA maintains a community of communities, sharing and exchanging information through:

  • Topic-specific workshops
  • The IPCSA annual conference
  • Seminars and exhibitions
  • Expert guidance and advice

Benefits of IPCSA for SeaPort Authorities - Download Summary


  • 2020 Annual Membership fee for IPCSA is €6,000 (plus VAT where applicable)
  • Membership year runs from 1st January 2020 to 31st December 2020 - Applications are accepted at all times and the fee is amended to cover the remaining period of the membership year.

IPCSA and its members:

  • Reinforce the central role of Community Systems in facilitating trade and applying new regulations at entry points and border crossings.
  • Will play a major role as Single Window concepts develop.
  • Are an important source of expert opinion with regard to any new international or regional directive or regulations being considered which may affect transport logistics.
  • Ensure that new technology can be accessed by all of the community, from SMEs to large conglomerates or public authorities.
  • Use experience and knowledge built up over 40 years to share and develop more effective processes for users.
  • Represent Community Systems at international and regional inter-governmental organisations.
  • For more information on membership of IPCSA please contact Richard Morton, IPCSA Secretary General, T: 0044 7796334960 or richard.morton@ipcsa.international

Download IPCSA Membership Application Form 2020

How to become an IPCSA member

The process to apply to become a member of IPCSA is relatively simple, but is subject to approval of the IPCSA Executive Committee.   The current membership fee for 2020 is €6,000 and runs from the 1st January to the 31st December 2020.  Applications for membership can be received at any time.

The following stages outline the application process.

Stage 1 - Complete the IPCSA membership form 2020 - IPCSA Membership Application form 2020    (before completing an application form please check the definition for a Port Community System Operator/Single Window Operator)

Stage 2 - Send completed application, by email, to Richard Morton, Secretary General, IPCSA at richard.morton@ipcsa.international with a presentation on your organisation, structure, organisation, services etc.

Stage 3 - The Secretary General processes and reviews the application, and then sends the application to the IPCSA Executive Committee for consideration.  

Stage 4 - After consideration by the Executive Committee of IPCSA the applicant will be informed of the outcome, by the Secretary General, and whether their application for membership has been approved or not.

Stage 5 - Successful Applicants will be announced as new members of the association and an article and their information will be included on the IPCSA website.

All applicants for IPCSA membership will need to agree to the terms and conditions of membership of IPCSA.  In addition and in order to comply with international regulations IPCSA will carry out a check on the applicant organisation, including the named contacts against the International Sanctions List and /or equivalent lists to ensure IPCSA compliance and due diligence.

For further information or to discuss IPCSA membership please contact 

Richard Morton, Secretary General

Telephone: 00447796334960

Email: richard.morton@ipcsa.international