Ports of Genoa, Italy

About the Ports of Genoa

The Ports of the Western Ligurian Sea – Genoa, Prà, Savona and Vado Ligure – rank as Italy’s premier port network in terms of total throughput (over 69 million tons of cargo and 4.2 million passengers handled yearly), with a wide selection of liner services (over 150 connections with 500 ports worldwide), and a full range of vital complementary services (from ship maintenance and construction, to customised IT and logistic and supply chain services).

The “ports of Genoa”, one of the main ports in the Mediterranean Sea and the southern gate of the Rhine Alpine Corridor, is a maritime gateway to the leading industrial and consumer centres in Northern Italy and in Central Europe, specifically, Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

The ports of Genoa and Savona are deeply integrated with the logistics and transport network also from the technological one thanks to IT systems. The Port Authority has a large experience of PCS development. First module of Genoa PCS (e-port) was launched in 2007, while in Savona port the PCS (security and control access module) started in 2005.

Under the umbrella of the National Logistics Platform, created and managed by the Italian Government to connect maritime ports and inland freight villages, “Ports of Genoa” is carrying out the integration of the two PCS of Savona and Genoa.


Marco Sanguineri, Secretary General