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Versatile, multimodal and with plenty of space for development: that is North Sea Port. We are a versatile port, because a large diversity of goods pass via our quays. We are a multimodal port, because we provide access to the hinterland via wide range of transport options, with a strong emphasis on inland shipping. And what’s more, we offer space for development with over 1,000 hectares of commercial property still available.

Where is North Sea Port located?

North Sea Port is a West European port that extends for more than 60 kilometers, 9.100 hectares, and across two countries: Belgium and the Netherlands. Because of its location at the North Sea, the port is directly accessible by sea-going vessels, benefitting global trade.

Its central location in Europe makes North Sea Port a logistics hub through which goods flow smoothly to all corners of Europe and even China. North Sea Port is also part of the Rhine-Alps, North Sea-Mediterranean, and North Sea-Baltic transport corridors, which ensure that goods can be delivered quickly and efficiently by rail, road, and/or inland shipping to their final destination.

Its location, multimodality, and diversification in goods make North Sea Port an important European port: the third most important in terms of added value and ninth in terms of freight traffic.

Sustainable economic activity

North Sea Port strives for sustainable economic activity. By doing so, we contribute to the prosperity of the region and generate value for our community and shareholders. And by actively working with our stakeholders to serve their interests, we create opportunities for growth. Our personal approach enables the further development of all parties involved with the port


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