Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company, Bulgaria

Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company (BPI Co.) is a statutory corporation and the landlord of all Bulgarian sea and inland ports. BPI Co. acts as the National Ports Authority and is responsible for the development and modernization of the Bulgarian ports. In addition to its regular activities such as construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of the port infrastructure, wave protection and shore-strengthening facilities, etc., BPI Co. also provides traffic management and shipping information services, performs functions to enhance the safety and efficiency of maritime transport.

BPI Co. has developed and is providing Maritime Single Window for B2G vessel electronic documentation. The company is the National Coordinator for the EMSWe and the PCS Operator in Bulgaria.

The Head office of BPI Co. is located in Sofia. In the biggest port cities of Bulgaria –Burgas, Varna, Lom and Ruse, are located the four Branches, the VТS and RIS Authorities and the Port Terminals Operation Directorate of the company.

Contact Information

Milen Todorov, Zlatko Kuzmanov: office@bgports.bg