Portel, Spain

Portel, Port Community System, PCS

Portel is a company that offers computer, telematic, communications and consulting services for activities in the fields of transportation logistics and distribution. Our mission is to create value for our clients.

Portel was incorporated in 1995, with capital from the State Ports Public Body (51%) and from Telefónica (49%) to serve the Maritime and Port Community, driving new initiatives necessary to undertake emergent businesses in a continuously changing environment. However, and due to the needs and requirements of other stakeholders within the transportation and logistics chain the company is today also present in the areas of air and overland transport, warehousing and distribution.

Portel has presence in Madrid, Algeciras, Barcelona, Gijón, the Canary Islands, and through two participated companies in Vigo (Portel Eixo Atlántico) and Tangiers (Portel Maroc). It also participates in Infoport Valencia and Serviport Andalucía S.A.

To facilitate the exchange of information amongst all the agents involved in a transportation operation, Portel has its own BSB service Platform called Portel-SCE (e-Portel-Services) and has signed cooperation agreements with customs offices, Port and Airport Authorities to implement the "single administrative window" for document reception.

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