UIRNet, governed by public law, has been established as a joint stock company, it is the single implementing body of the Minister of Infrastructures and Transports for building and managing the Piattaforma Logistica Nazionale “PLN” (or National Logistics Platform), defined in its basic characteristics by Ministerial Decree 18T of 20 June, 2005. PLN was established with the aim of improving the efficiency and safety of the Italian logistics system, favouring primarily the interconnection of modal interchange nodes (ports, dry ports, warehouses and logistics centres).

PLN consists of a series of integrated and scalable modules which are continuously evolving, due to the introduction of new services and to technological updates. They provide specific services to major logistics players such as drivers, ports, dry ports, in order to speed up the exchange of information and make it more efficient and, above all, in order to make overall transport safer, in particular in case of dangerous goods.

Contact: Nicola Bassi (bassi@uirnet.it)

Web site: www.uirnet.it