Port of Prince Rupert, Canada

Port of Prince Rupert, Canada

As one of Canada’s leading ports, Prince Rupert is North America’s largest, ice-free harbour and the closest west coast North American port to Asia, offering the shortest trans-Pacific route. It also has direct access to North America’s heartlands by rail, an important advantage for many shippers.

The Port of Prince Rupert handled a record 24.1 million tonnes of cargo in 2017; this was a rise of 28% on 2016, and included a 26% increase in its intermodal container business as well as strong growth in dry bulk cargoes.

A recent study demonstrated the significant rise in economic benefits for British Columbia that have resulted from the increase in trade volumes through the Port of Prince Rupert’s facilities over the past decade. An estimated CAN $35 billion of trade is shipped through the port annually, and the port generates more than $1 billion in economic activity in Northern British Columbia, with over 3,100 full-time jobs directly related to moving international trade.

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