The Port of Algeciras Bay Authority

About APBA - the Port of Algeciras Bay Authority

APBA - the Port of Algeciras Bay Authority – is a public organization that manage the ports of Algeciras and Tarifa. Situated at the geostrategic Strait of Gibraltar, Algeciras is the first Spanish and fourth European port in terms of total cargo. Being a one-stop-shop port for vessel services (bunkering, repairs, ship supplies, etc.), zero-deviation from main commercial routes, container traffic takes advantage from a very high port connectivity index and two mega-vessel-ready container terminals (APMT-A, TTI-A). On the other hand, having facilities at the closest distance between Europe and Africa, Ro-Pax traffic benefits from high frequency connections, specialized 24/7 support areas and related value-added services.

In such context, APBA is evolving from an infrastructure owner and port service regulator role to a business facilitator and port ecosystem orchestrator, in order to improve quality of service and add value to the business. One of the main endeavours to reach this goal is the Port Community System, called Teleport, which is currently evolving from a traditional single window approach to a value-added services one.


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