Port of Antwerp Community System, Antwerp, Belgium

APCS, Port Community System, PCS

The Port of Antwerp Community System bundles an efficient, electronic message and information exchange.

The communication services support all types of goods and transport modes. The Port Authority, Customs, shippers, shipping companies, ship's agents, forwarders, Terminal operators, road and rail carriers, barge operators, logistic service providers are all connected.

Electronic messages and solutions support the efficient handling of the day-to-day administrative and operational activities.

As the imported data and information is reused within the whole logistics chain, electronic communication results in lower costs and less errors.

The Port of Antwerp has a long tradition in electronic message exchange. This goes back to the incorporation of SEAGHA in 1986. Both the private sector and the Port Authorities have launched many business-to-business and business-to-government projects which support, implement and promote the use of electronic messages. June 2011 the Antwerp Port Authority and ALFAPORT, the federation of port companies & logistic service providers, founded Port of Antwerp Community System. The Antwerp Port Community System bundles resources from both private and public sector in order to offer the best service to all port users.

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