SEGUB, Benin, West Africa


In November 2010, the Consortium Bureau Veritas BIVAC / SOGET was awarded the concession for the implementation and operation of the Single Window at the Port of Cotonou. The PPP between the Consortium and the Ministry of Maritime Economy, Maritime Transport and Port Infrastructures named SEGUB was set up to initially deliver and operate a PCS (Import, Export, Transit, Transhipment) but then has been extended to a national scope along the supply chain (airports and land borders). The operational implementation has been delivered through a typical Trade Facilitation Approach. Rapid information exchange, coupled with accurate performance indicators has reduced dwell time from 5 weeks to less than 7 days.

SEGUB (Société d’Exploitation du Guichet Unique du Bénin) has been operating the Port Single Window at the Port of Cotonou since June 2011. SEGUB is a member of the African Alliance for e-commerce (AACE). In May 2013, the Port of Cotonou was awarded the IAPH IT Gold Prize in recognition of the successful implementation and performance of its Single Window operated by SEGUB.


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