Pentant Ltd, United Kingdom

PENTANT Provides Import and Export Inventory Control for the Maritime and Air Logistics industry.

Pentant is a fully Customs approved and leading Community System Provider (CSP) with secure connections to CHIEF (the central UK Customs system) and ICS (the EU Import Control System).

Over the past ten years Pentant Limited has established a reputation for consistently high levels of service and reliability. Pentant is solely focused on this area of business with a long-term strategic commitment.

The Pentant customer base covers the full spectrum of global logistics operators. These embrace both Imports and Exports for Air, Sea, Road and Rail freight; high volume Fast Parcel Operations; Ports; Inland Freight terminals and Warehouse operators for high street retail outlets.

Pentant is committed to ongoing improvement in an open environment.

On December 8, 2014, Descartes Systems Group, a global leader in logistics technology, announced that it has acquired Pentant.


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