Roundtable of Port Organisations meet at IMO

12 December 2019
Roundtable of Port Organisations meet at IMO

The Roundtable of Port Organisations met again on 10th December 2019, at the IMO to share and exchange with each other and members of the IMO Secretariat viewpoints on activities and actions being undertaken related to the IMO regulations and guidelines.

The organisations included IAPH, IPSCA, IHMA, ICHCA, FONASBA and ISSA.

Topics covered include Optimisation of Port calls, the availability and quality of onshore power facilities as well as quality low-sulphur fuel and LNG bunkering infrastructure in ports, facilitation of trade through ports and the associated work on Data Standards.

Collaboration is critical if Ports and associated stakeholders are to work towards achieving IMO goals, and the Roundtable of Ports Organisations enables that collaboration to happen.