Polski PCS joins International Port Community Systems Association

06 November 2019

The International Port Community Systems Association (IPCSA) is delighted to announce that Polski Port Community System has become its newest member.

Owned by Poland’s main ports – Gdańsk, Gdynia and Szczecin-Świnoujście –Polski Port Community System (PPCS) is a relatively new company. First registered in 2017, PPCS set out on its organisational activities in 2018, embarking on intense analysis both in the ports environment and in dialogue with stakeholders. PPCS began its first IT development work in the fourth quarter of 20

Photo: Krzysztof Serwatka of POLSKI PCS accepts the IPCSA membership plaque on behalf of Andrzej Zeleks CEO, Polski PCS, from Hans Rook (IPCSA Chairman) and Richard Morton (IPCSA Secretary General)

“A special feature of PPCS is that the system is designed for all Polish ports on one platform, but will take into account the differences resulting from port location conditions,” said Andrzej Zelek, CEO of Polski Port Community System. “We model ourselves on the PCS systems of ports that have been using them for many years. Another important area of PPCS development is cooperation with Poland’s National Tax Administration (KAS) in the field of systems KAS develops.”

PPSC has competency across the scope of Customs and taxes, logistics processes and large IT projects.

Explaining the reasons for joining IPCSA, Andrzej Zelek said: “IPCSA provides an environment of best practice in building and developing PCS systems. Being in the preliminary stage of our own PCS development, PPCS we recognise the need to keep learning from others in order to provide high class solutions for Polish ports.”

PPCS is aligned with the PCS definition as articulated by IPCSA, he added. “A Port Community System is primarily a change management project, a draft legal arrangement with stakeholders and customers – always bearing in mind GDPR – and finally an IT project. We are interested in a number of the topics covered in IPCSA’s specialist working groups, including Standards and Technologies, Single Window/Trade Facilitation, Community System Development and PCS Vision 2030.

Richard Morton, secretary general of IPCSA, said: “We are delighted to welcome Polski Port Community System as our newest member. IPCSA has seen a remarkable growth in its membership in the past few months, expansion that reflects IPCSA’s reputation across the industry and across continents for the knowledge and breadth of expertise of our members.

“We are well established as an international association with an unrivalled level of expertise and experience and we have a strong relationship with a number of international bodies, including the IMO, WCO and UN/CEFACT. We look forward to welcoming representatives of Polski PCS to our working groups and regular conferences and meetings, and to sharing knowledge and experience with them.”