The Single Window for the Integration of the International Supply Chain Ecosystem

21 November 2018

Press Release - Casablanca, November the 12th, 2018

The Single Window for the Integration of the International Supply Chain Ecosystem

. The PortNet Single Window Annual Conference welcomes more than 800 national and international participants this year

. Objective: Enhance competitiveness through the continuous search for new innovative and bold solutions

Casablanca is hosting the 4th Annual PortNet Single Window Conference on November the 12th and 13th, 2018 on the following theme: "The Single Window: Public and Private Community Intelligence Serving Your Integrated, Efficient and Innovative Supply Chain". It’s a meeting of international outreach, jointly initiated by the National Ports Agency (ANP) and PORTNET SA, under the auspices of the Ministry of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water and in partnership with the UN Center for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT) and the International Port Community Systems Association (IPCSA).

« The theme chosen for this year's annual conference of the Sile Window ngPORTNET adheres to the High Orientations of His Majesty King Mohammed VI may God assist Him, in his vision of putting citizens and economic operators at the center of interest for the administrations and of the public service. This will be acheived through the constant search for new innovative and bold solutions for the competitiveness of our ecosystem and our economy », says Jalal Benhayoun, CEO of PortNet, on the occasion of this grand-mass that made a place for itself since 2014 as a vital platform for networking and exchanging experiences and expertise in the fields of Digital Supply Chain and Trade Facilitation. A meeting that brings together this year, more than 800 national and foreign participants from the public and private sectors, representing more than 30 countries from different regions of the world (Africa, America, Asia and Europe) and prestigious international organizations involved in the aforementioned fields such as UN/CEFACT, CNUCED, IPCSA, AACE, CIDC, The World Bank, etc.

This concentration of first class international events is a platform with a global outreach, dedicated to exchanging the points of view of experts, sharing best practices, presenting the most innovative initiatives and taking stock of the implementation of trade and supply chain digitization between the different actors of port, logistics and cross-border ecosystems.

Good governance, support for economic development, innovation, competitiveness improvement ... Economic models change and so do expectations. « Today, more than ever, the competitiveness of countries in the global market increasingly depends on their ability to innovate continuously and to harness new technologies in all sectors by reinventing processes and challenging the methods adopted. In the fields of logistics, ports and international Supply Chain, this fierce race for innovation is illustrated notably by the implementation of real single windows and community platforms that have allowed to make qualitative leaps in improving their performance and competitiveness », says Jalal Benhayoun.

Faced with a constantly changing environment, single windows provide tangible solutions to the various issues and meet the legitimate aspirations of public and private stakeholders in the port, logistics and international trade ecosystems. PortNet, as an information exchange platform for the Foreign Trade community, provides integral services to members of this community, continuously improving formalities’ efficiency and speed with the administrations.

As a report of PortNet’s activities for 2018, several innovative services were set up to benefit the digitization of the Kingdom's international supply chain. In this respect, we should mention the first community solution for multi-channel payment and exchange of invoices for services related to the international supply chain, the generalization of the exchange of inspection results between the customs services and ONSSA. This year also witnessed technical preparation for the eminent implementation of systems for the paperless management of the ANRT's approvals, the delivery and exit vouchers, appointments for containers port exit, as well as the Customs tax exemption requests. In the same vein, in perfect alignment with its strategic vision putting competitiveness at the center of its interests and aiming to make the import / export supply chain both practical, integrated and digital, the PortNet community, with the support of the World Bank has undertaken to inclusively extend, via a new product called "Trade Sense", services provided by its platform to procedures, commercial and logistics information with high added value necessary for economic operators to easily perform their international transactions, specifies the management. « We are delighted with the achievements made thanks to the active contribution of all public and private stakeholders, but we are aware of the extent of the challenges that remain, the legitimacy of the aspirations of all economic operators and the projects to be finalized », concluded the Minister of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water.

A rich scientific program

The two-day PortNet Single Window Annual Conference promises a rich science program. An opportunity to continue and, above all, to foster the ongoing dialogue between economic operators and all stakeholders of the single window. The planned round tables focus on the current-state assessment, ways of improving the business climate, competitiveness of enterprises, consolidation of stakeholder efforts in the port, logistics and international trade ecosystems, setting the frame for future projects and partnerships, trade facilitation and electronic information exchange, technology hype, the African context ... These round tables will be animated by national and international experts. Also scheduled for the occasion is the 5th edition of the International Conference on the Single Window Concept, organized by the United Nations Center for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT). This event is an opportunity for participants and experts to look at international standards and recommendations related to the development of the National Single Window as one of the key technology solutions in an ongoing global effort to boost international trade. Another event on the agenda is the International Port Community Systems Association's annual conference "IPCSA", which deals with topical issues related to the simplification of trade and port processes. Over 200 international experts in the fields of single windows and port community systems are expected. Another scheduled event is the annual meeting of IPCSA members taking place, on the sidelines of the Annual Single Window Conference, to which the different African operators of single windows and port community systems are invited.

About PortNet

The PortNet Single Window currently has more than 33800 customers and offers its dematerialized services to a community of more than 39000 users throughout the country. The PortNet platform, which has become an essential accelerator for the community’s integration for the whole cross-border trade logistics chain of Morocco, was first deployed at the Port of Casablanca, in March 2011, by the National Ports Agency (ANP). It has since been generalized by PORTNET S.A. to all commercial ports managed by ANP and to other foreign trade processes since 2012.