IPCSA welcomes four new members from three continents

15 November 2018
IPCSA welcomes four new members from three continents

IPCSA expands globally with new members in three continents. North America, Africa and Asia. At the IPCSA members meeting in Casablanca, Morocco held on the 14th July, Hans Rook, Chairman (centre) of IPCSA presented four of the five new member organisations with their membership plaque.

Congratulations to (from right to left):

  • Port of Los Angeles, Lance Kaneshiro (United States of America)
  • Djbouti Port Community System, Warsama Guirreh (Djibouti)
  • Hans Rook, IPCSA
  • Alicia Say, TradeVan, (Taiwan)
  • Olivier Moreau on behalf of RDC SEGUCE (Democratic Republic of Congo)

The fifth new member to join IPCSA is the Port of Abidjan, Ivory Coast (Africa)

IPCSA has in just 7 years has reached 39 members, with over 50% of world maritime trade and significant air trade going through our members electronic systems. So who will be IPCSA’s 40th member and from which continent will they come ?

IPCSA is a neutral, non-profit globally organisation which supports trade facilitation and the development of international all the Standards Agencies.

For more information contact Richard Morton, IPCSA Secretary General – richard.morton@ipcsa.international