APCS becomes C-point new app platform for a transparent supply chain

23 April 2018
APCS becomes C-point new app platform for a transparent supply chain

The Antwerp Port Community System (APCS) has been given a new name: C-point®, the new application platform for the port of Antwerp, that stands for community, communication, connection. 

C-point, powered by NxtPort, is your guide to the steadily expanding landscape of IT solutions. It brings together the various applications that contribute to efficient exchange of data in the port of Antwerp, for the benefit of the whole port community. In addition to in-house developments the portal is open to other, new community applications available on the market, that contribute to smooth exchange of data in our port.

What alters for me as a user?

As a user, you still have one simple access to all your applications, thanks to the sign-on principle.

So for users of APCS and applications such as APICS, e-Desk, etc. nothing changes, except that you will shortly get a new user interface. The APCS branding will change to C-point.

There is also no change to the successful operation of the applications and of the EDI messages. So you can keep working with your familiar applications via your usual access methods.

With technological innovation the port of Antwerp seeks to guarantee full transparency of the supply chain.

About NxtPort

Antwerp Port Authority remains an active partner in the ecosystem of applications. For this purpose we are collaborating closely with NxtPort, a unique player that makes digital business possible within the port and indeed intensifies it by identifying opportunities and making data accessible by means of APIs (application programming interfaces).

Daniel Lievens                                            Erwin Verstraelen

CEO                                                            Chief Digital Information & Innovation Officer

NxtPort                                                        Antwerp Port Authority