IPCSA has expanded its global membership, with Portall Infosystems, India as its newest member.

12 February 2018

The International Port Community Systems Association (IPCSA) has announced a further expansion of its global membership, welcoming Mumbai-based Portall Infosystems as its newest member.

Part of India’s 100-year-old logistics industry group J M BAXI , Portall is the second Indian company to join IPCSA. The company was set up in 2017 to provide a Port Community System for users of its container terminals, several inland container depots, and other related services, and it has ambitious plans for expansion.

However, while Portall is a relative newcomer to the PCS sector, the company is already in talks with various ports which are likely to join the privately owned PCS platform, and it is also looking at expansion beyond India’s borders.

“India has a national PCS but we felt the need to create a proprietary platform for improving the integration of our operations within our community for our own operations,” said Abhijit Desai, Advisor to Portall Infosystems. “As a result, our community is more involved in our operations, including importers/exporters, brokers, truckers and others. They all know exactly what is happening – when, where and at what status is their shipment.

He added: “Today we are looking at India and the drive to become more organised and efficient, and to move towards paperless transactions. But we are also looking at neighbouring countries and also at the wider region and at the trade blocs of which India is a member. Portall plans to expand its services on a global platform.”

Membership of IPCSA is important for Portall, he said. “We want to upgrade our knowledge on how PCSs work, dependent on their type and reach. We want to find out more about the kind of technologies being implemented around the world. We believe we can take this knowledge around the South East Asia region and into Africa, where there is a growing demand to implement national PCSs.

Portall will be a proactive member of IPCSA, Abhijit Desai added, contributing to its working groups and sharing the group’s logistics knowledge and long-term vision with other members. “This exchange of experience and knowledge could lead to partnerships and complementary solutions on projects in the future.”

Richard Morton, secretary general of IPCSA, said: “We are delighted to welcome our second member from India. Portall has a five-year roadmap to evolve into a fully fledged PCS and will benefit from the experience and knowledge of our members from around the world. Meanwhile, IPCSA members look forward to learning more from Portall’s perspective on the marketplace.

“IPCSA continues to expands its influence geographically and is representing its members at the highest levels, including through our consultative status at the International Maritime Organization and Special Consultative Status at UN ECOSOC.”

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