Jamaica Port Community System gearing up for Import with S)ONE

19 December 2017

SOGET and Port Authority of Jamaica (PAJ) launch the maritime import functionalities of S)ONE PCS.

Since the first transhipment done last October 2016, 100% of Jamaica's vessel announcements and manifestsare now processed by S)ONE PCS. All business stakeholders involved in transhipment operations, such as shipping agents, terminal operators and customs, have made their choice for S)ONE PCS to carry out their logistics and customs’ formalities. The key benefits are a gain in productivity and a better tracking of operation due to the digital transformation. 

Dwain Powel, Jamaica PCS Director says: « The Shipping Industry is now actively seeing the real efficiency and productivity gains that can be achieved by using a PCS for their logistics and trade transactions. Transhipment activities that account for 90% of our transactions within Jamaica are now processed completely paperless in a seamless and secure manner. The Maritime Import phase will undoubtedly provide more value-added benefits to the logistics chain, providing local players with the ability to organize their trade business in a streamlined and transparent manner. »

The second step kicked-off today is the implementation of the Import module for Full Container Load (FCL) shipments and motor vehicles. The Import process in S)ONE includes all the steps from the announcement of the cargo to the gate out of the terminal. The main actors include Jamaica Customs, shipping agents and terminal operators such as Kingston Freeport Terminal Limited (KFTL) and Kingston Wharves Limited (KWL), freight forwarders, customs brokers and trucking companies. CMA CGM MISSISSIPI was the first vessel involved on December 7th, 2017 in S)ONE PCS import formalities.

The aim is to dematerialize all documentation related to cargo, to automate and optimize business processes , and consequently to reduce the dwell time in Kingston. Moreover, the interoperability of S)ONE PCS with KFTL NAVIS N4, KWL Tideworks TOS and ASYCUDA World creates one single point of entry for the tracking and management of imported goods.

« The key to our success lies in our implementation methodology, which we are continuously improving through worldwide experiences. It’s true that our technological solutions are crucial, but our change management methodology and the flawless involvement of all the public and private local actors in the project make the difference and allow us to move forward efficiently. »adds Benoit Basset, SOGET Project Manager for the implementation of the PCS in Jamaica.

Within the next months, when all Import, Export and Transhipment processes will be managed through the PCS in Kingston, all other Jamaican ports and airports will then embrace this unique nationwide PCS solution.

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