Piet Jan Recognition 2017

11 December 2017

Download Full Press Release IPCSA, at it’s annual conference, recognised the invaluable and innovative work that two individuals contributed to the development of IPCSA and without who IPCSA will not have developed into the international recognised association it is today.

The recognition is in honour of Piet Jan ten Thije, a vice-chairman of IPCSA, and who was taken before his time in 2014 leaving behind a wife and family. IPCSA wanted to recognise Piet Jan’s passion, energy and enthusiasm for ports, logistics and Community Systems and to honour his commitment to IPCSA.

Hans Rook, the current Chairman of IPCSA and custodian of Piet Jans memory within IPCSA instigated a recognition award of work done by individuals and organisations to support the development of IPCSA and who follow the values that Piet Jan had in his life.

As IPCSA we therefore are proud to announce that Javier Gallardo of PORTIC, Barcelona and Uwe Liebschner of dbh Logistics IT AG, Bremen are the first to receive this recognition in honour of Piet Jan.

Photo: Hans Rook, Chairman, IPCSA

Javier Gallardo - Javier has taken the initiative for the Network of Trusted Networks. This project will and has enabled our members in both sea and airfreight to exchange data on global level within a secure network. From a strategic point of view this is one of the major challenges for IPCSA members to surrender services with global transparency in track & trace to their customers. His open mind, drive, views and transparency about his thoughts lead us to global cooperation and are of great value for the global trade facilitation whereby the role of port and cargo community systems will be of inevitable value. Your customers will finally get what they aiming for.

Uwe Liebschner - Uwe represents the members of IPCSA in project groups and multiple committees including ECG and TCG at an EU level regarding customs affairs.

The main topics are UCC and Single Window. The time spent on these meetings is substantial with multiple meetings and visits to Brussels in a single month which can be on average a week a month for IPCSA. Due to Uwe’s hard work and efforts it is noticed that on an EU level IPCSA is seen as a respected NGO partner with great knowledge and influence on the EU government matters. Uwes’ detailed feedback is invaluable to our members and his views (our views) to the commission are appreciated by all EU government agencies and adopted in the future legislation.

Photo: Javier Gallardo, Portic, Barcelona (left); Uwe Liebschner, dbh (right)

IPCSA congratulates Javier and Uwe for all their work and thank them for their continued support of IPCSA and Community Systems across the world.

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