IPCSA signs cooperation agreement with LOGINK, China

11 December 2017

The International Port Community Systems Association (IPCSA) has signed a memorandum of understanding with LOGINK, China’s electronic exchange platform for logistics information sharing.

The two organisations will work together to develop innovative IT solutions for trade facilitation, cooperating on technical and other issues. They have already embarked on a system connection test project between IPCSA members and LOGINK.

The cooperation agreement was announced during IPCSA’s annual conference in Brussels, during which Wu Yizhou of LOGINK gave a presentation on the exchange of information in the Asia Pacific Region.

Working with IPCSA will be an important part of China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) project, said Mr Wu. “Our vision is very simple – it is to connect with all the partners in the world to facilitate China’s large volumes of import and export business to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of logistics,” he told delegates.

“We are cooperating with IPCSA to support One Belt One Road.”

LOGINK is the national transport and logistics public information platform operated by the Chinese Ministry of Transport. LOGINK is one of the three partners that created NEAL-NET (North East Asia Logistics Information Service Network) which consists of China, Japan and Korea in 2010. NEAL-NET is based on unique logistics management software applications and highly efficient collaboration and the system improves speed, streamlines the logistics cycle and reduces administration time, Mr Wu told IPCSA conference delegates.

The IPCSA-LOGINK MoU was signed during a visit to China in November 2017 by an IPCSA delegation made up of IPCSA chairman Hans Rook, vice chairman Javier Gallardo and secretary general Richard Morton, as well as IPCSA members Maqta Gateway (Abu Dhabi Ports), represented by Dr Noura al Dhaheri and Antwerp Port Community System (APCS), represented by Nico de Cauwer.

The IPCSA representatives attended a workshop on international port logistics information sharing and the NEAL-NET conference, and gave a presentation on Port Community Systems developments in Europe.

Maqta Gateway and APCS also signed cooperation agreements with LOGINK, with Portic, Barcelona having already previously signed an agreement.

Richard Morton, secretary general of IPCSA, said: “We have many things in common to logistics data and exchanging that information across the world. We are looking forward to working and cooperating together to develop new integrated solutions for trade facilitation.”

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