Marseille’s MGI becomes newest member of International Port Community Systems Association

02 February 2016

A month after celebrating its 30th anniversary, the Marseille-based Port Community System operator MGI has been welcomed as the newest member of the International Port Community Systems Association (IPCSA).

MGI (Marseille Gyptis International) becomes IPCSA’s 28th member and the association’s second member based in France.

“Nearly 30 ports in France and overseas have implemented the Cargo Community System AP+, MGI’s and SOGET’s flagship product since 2005 – including Mauritius, Benin, Togo and New Caledonia.

Coinciding with its 30th anniversary in December 2015, MGI launched Ci5 (Cargo intelligence 5), its new flagship software solution designed to succeed and build on AP+. The number 5 in the name stands for the five modes of transport (air, rail, road, ocean, waterways) and also the five continents. 

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