SOGET announces the launch of preclearance operations for the Foreign Trade Single Window in the Democratic Republic of Congo

19 August 2015

Le Havre, Kinshasa, August 6th 2015 - SOGET, global leader of single port window announces the launch of GUICE (Integral single window for foreign trade) preclearance operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Activated this month, the first functionalities of the Single Window follow the signature last October of a contract for the conception and implementation of the Integral Single Window for external trade in the DRC. The installed unit is part of a new generation of Single Window developed by SOGET.

As part of the implementation of a single window,a public-private partnership was established in Kinshasa, giving birth to the operating company for the Foreign Trade Single Window “SEGUCE DRC”.SEGUCE DRC’s mission is to realize, carry out technical infrastructures maintenance and provide training and support to users. SOGET’s team and SEGUCE DRC worked together for the implementation of the technical infrastructure,but also in collaboration with public and private trade players in the Democratic Republic of Congo to implement a single window adapted to local needs......

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