Emerging Technologies and PCS Vision of the Future

IPCSA is working towards looking at how Emerging technologies and the future vision of PCS will combine to create the next generation of electronic exchange platforms.   Currently IPCSA is undertaking a survey as detailed below

Survey Introduction

Emerging technologies like Blockchain, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence and IoT will definitely change sea- and airports and be a huge enabler for trade facilitation in the near future. Accordingly Port Community Systems will have to adapt to ensure they can cope with all the changes these emergent technologies will have onto their communities. To assist Port Community Systems in making choices for their organisations, services offered, technical architecture and other impacts these emergent technologies will have, IPCSA will develop a white paper describing different technologies and the impact they will have on port communities, trade facilitation and thus Port Community Systems. Therefor IPCSA is conducting a survey to gather views from different international experts on ports, trade facilitation and port community systems. The white paper will be published and available for everyone interested.

We ask anyone involved in seaports, airports, trade, logistics, port community systems and Single Windows to participate in this survey and share your views on the impact emergent technologies will have on the port community. You will definitely help ports and trade facilitation all over the world with your views. It will take you just 10 minutes to fill in the survey.

The link is: https://bit.ly/IPCSA-survey

A full Study / White Paper will be made public once completed

If you wish to learn more about this please contact Richard Morton, Secretary General, IPCSA