Digital Ship’s Maritime CIO Forum London

Digital Ship’s Maritime CIO Forum London

Shaping the Digital Supply Chain Ecosystem
21 June 2018
The Waldorf Hilton, London

Digitalisation is re-shaping the business world and is increasingly important for competitive edge. Transformational concepts, together with the evolution and development of new platforms, are providing unparalleled opportunities within shipping and the related transport and supply chain infrastructure.

If Industry 4.0 is to be truly realised, then shipping must embrace a new approach to the traditional supply chain. Moving a container from A to B involves, on average, 30 different actors and 200+ interactions – delivery of goods has never been more transparent, nor more complex. So, what can digitalisation do to streamline and integrate shipping with the broader supply chain?

Join us in London on 21 June to investigate how we can measure the impact digital business and harness the benefits of new technologies to improve performance – from ship to shore to delivery.

Each session will include plenary sessions and an expert-led panel session to enable interaction between audience and speakers. Sessions will include:

Session 1:
The Maritime Satcom Summit
Investigating the evolution of mobile connectivity

The ever-growing use of applications and increased data flow in shipping means that reliable data communications are ever more critical.

This opening session of the day will look at how innovation and evolution in connectivity is changing the maritime and transport landscape by improving operational agility, enhancing efficiency, creating a safer, more secure environment and enabling greater efficiency.

Session 2:
Harnessing Cyber Resilience and Managing Risk
A fresh look at cyber security, safety and risk

This expert-led session will look at how the industry is managing increased cyber threats borne out of the growing use of communications, cloud and IoT applications and the rising number of devices.

We will discuss current business cases and real-world examples, the guidelines and policies already in place, including the impact of GDPR.

We will also look at how to identify, quantify and mitigate cyber risk and how to assess the real business risk.

Session 3:
The iShipping Revolution
Streamlining the supply chain

The rise of digitalisation and advanced technologies such as IoT, blockchain autonomy, AI and VR, promise a faster, safer and more scalable supply chain for all parties and better business outcomes and increased supply chain transparency?

But these massive opportunities mean massive complexities too, so which are the right tools to use in this industrial revolution?

This session will break down some of these enabling technologies and discuss how they can be used – and what are the benefits and pitfalls to watch out for.

Session 4:
Can Digital Drive Optimisation and Efficiency?
How to judge an investment case

Improving performance is a common goal for all actors in the transport and logistics sector. Numerous studies and reports have demonstrated that surprisingly few are prioritising investment in this area, but those that are can already see gains. Figuring out what the return on investment ought to be is a hard calculation to make.

So, what can a digital strategy do for your business and how can you build a business case for digital investment?

We will also take a look at the role of start-ups, incubators and accelerators via The Pioneers’ Showcase.

Who should attend:
CEOs, MDs, CIOs, CTOs, Technical Directors, Operations Directors, IT Managers, Fleet Managers and Superintendents, Supply Chain Managers, Digital Architects, Procurement Professionals from:
• Shipowners
• Shipmanagers
• Ports & Terminals
• Freight Forwarders
• Logistics Providers
• Supply Chain Consultants
• Digital Solutions and Service Providers
• Manufacturers

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