“Globally Connected Logistics” IPCSA Annual Conference 2017, 23rd November 2017

“Globally Connected Logistics” IPCSA Annual Conference 2017, 23rd November 2017

The International Port Community Systems Association (IPCSA) returned to its ‘roots’ for it’s 2017 Annual Conference, with the theme “Globally Connected Logistics” covering Digitalisation, Trade Facilitation and Effective Border Management’.

IPCSA was first launched as EPCSA – the European Port Community Systems Association – at the World Customs Organization in Brussels six years ago.

Since then, IPCSA has expanded to become a global organisation, with 34 members from around the world, three associate members and consultative status at the International Maritime Organization and special consultative status with UN ECOSOC.

The IPCSA Annual Conference took place on 23 November 2017 and returned to the World Customs Organization conference venue at Rue du Marche 30, Brussels, Belgium.

The Conference focused on the importance of connecting international logistics chains across all modes of transport, and look at how this is being addressed in practical ways.

Presentations and open discussions covered:

• Trade Facilitation and the Electronic Exchange of Information
• Data for Effective Border Management
• Information, Innovation and Technology
• Globally Connected Logistics

Conference Summary and Press Releases